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A new non-fiction series that is filming in multiple locations throughout the summer and fall based in Charlotte NC. At the core of this series, our characters are expressing their gratitude to the US Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice. All applicants must share this sentiment.

For more information visit our website or social media. or social media @200laps

We need a team for a new series based in Charlotte NC.

Production Schedule: September 20th to December 10th.


The series has three main production components:

Two “Fly on the wall” teams + a “Car build” of five racecars + A large event. If you have experience in any of these three production styles please highlight it when applying.

Production Example: typical Discovery Channel format and production style.


We seek the following: 3 separate teams

1- Series producer, to manage all three storylines into one coherent story.

2- Field producers for fly on the way crews at separate locations

1- Build producer for auto build component, mainly studio / garage based.

1- Edit Producer

1- Production manager

1- Production coordinator

3- Production assistant

2- Editors   (FCPX)

1- Edit assistant

5- Camera ops (EFP)

2- Camera tech / assistants

3- Field Audio/boom ops

2- Light gaffers

Additional positions include:

1- Assistant to the Executive Producer

1- Office manager

4- Interns

All candidates must have unscripted broadcast credits.

We are based in Charlotte and traveling to and from locations 4 to 5 days per week. Car build team is 5/6 days a week.   Production office and housing all based in charlotte.

Must be able to work entire show, so other work as our schedule will change based upon story.

If you served your country, and have television production experience, you are welcome to apply and please highlight your service on your email.

To apply send email to


The News about the Series

Watch Sneak Preview here

Update July 2017

 A new TV series featuring Johnny Davis and Carl Long motorsports. 20 action packed episodes coming this fall.
This is the story of two carolinians who have decided to do something extraordinary to show their gratitude to the men and women of the US Armed Forces. They are creating a new private race only for serving military personnel and their families, for free. To do this they will build five new themed race cars. Each car will be designed to look like one of the five military services, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. Then they will race these cars in a highly competitive 200 laps race at the Myrtle beach Speedway. This fall they will host 9000 military personnel and their families in Myrtle beach as their guests at The Visit Myrtle beach 200. They are planning a the race, a music concert, parade and a lot of other exciting ways to say, Thank you for your service. For more information visit us at or our Facebook and Twitter @200laps.


Dear Visitors,

This is the future home of the new digital TV series 200-Laps.  In August 2017, the site will grow much larger as we begin to add more and more information, background, photos, videos and many other elements.

For now it is just a starting point and soon.

Filming of the series begins in July and continues until November.  The web team will continue to update the site and all social media.

Stay Tuned for more to come,

Moving Forward!

Hey there,

Everything is going great and we are getting ready to start production in a few weeks.  It’s getting busy around here and everyones proud to be part of the project.

Stay Tuned!

Contact info

So if you want to get in touch with us, its okay, we don’t bite!

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Want to work with us?

Hey Y’all,

So we are looking for production crew in the Charlotte, NC area.

If you have broadcast television experience, and at least 3 years working on a production or entertainment field feel free to send us your details.

Hiring for Local Productions:

email us at:


Kick’in it off!

Hey Y’all,

Its all about to kick off here.

Stay tune as we get ready for filming.

We will post all the updates and information on our website and on our social media pages.

Follow us, tell your friends, family and everyone who loves our country, family, community and our men and women who protect us.

Big Shout out to Y’all from the 200-LAPS Team.