Archives May 19, 2017

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So if you want to get in touch with us, its okay, we don’t bite!

Here is our contact list:


General information


Want to work with us?

Hey Y’all,

So we are looking for production crew in the Charlotte, NC area.

If you have broadcast television experience, and at least 3 years working on a production or entertainment field feel free to send us your details.

Hiring for Local Productions:

email us at:


Kick’in it off!

Hey Y’all,

Its all about to kick off here.

Stay tune as we get ready for filming.

We will post all the updates and information on our website and on our social media pages.

Follow us, tell your friends, family and everyone who loves our country, family, community and our men and women who protect us.

Big Shout out to Y’all from the 200-LAPS Team.